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Why Study CIMA

Are you looking to accelerate your career in accountancy? Then studying the CIMA qualification at TMLA is something worth considering. Read on for an explanation on your choices for studying accountancy,

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Marketing campaigns that failed

We all make mistakes. Even companies, large companies with huge customer bases can make drastic mistakes. Some are industry destroying, others can be laughed off. But the point is, they happen quite regularly, even from the ‘experts’.

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Marketing Verses Advertising

It seems a simple concept that these two terms differ from each other. But many seem to blur the line between the definitions of each.

Marketing is defined as “the systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products.”

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Knowing your consumer

If it wasn’t already important within the business world to know who your consumers are, it has become increasingly important to not only know this, but ensure that your consumer fact file is the sole of your marketing. Arguably, it is equally as significant to know who your audience isn’t, and why. Once you’ve mastered who your audience are, companies can look at who their audience isn’t and adapt the purpose of their product/service to fit other audiences that may not have been the sole focus of their marketing previously.

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CIM award in digital marketing

Welcome to the TMLA blog. As one of the tutors at TMLA I am currently teaching the CIM award in digital marketing. My students are well on the way to finishing their papers for submission in a few weeks time. It’ll be January before we know it with a new term starting. What would you study with us?

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